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fijian paradise

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Have you ever heard of Fiji? If you’ve never been there, you either you haven’t heard of or you believe it’s a paradise for honeymoons. Well, the last is quite true, but it’s definitely not all Fiji has to offer!


So first of all, where do we find Fiji? The Republic of Fiji is an island country (more than 330 islands!) in the Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean east of Australia and northeast of New Zealand. Only 110 of these islands are permanently inhabited.


Here is Fiji


Fiji is famous for its beaches, palm trees and beautiful hotels and resorts. Not without reason. When you enter one of these amazing resorts, you really are in some kind of paradise. But as a backpacker, those hotels are just a little too expensive. I stayed with locals and in hostels, close by the Fijian people. Therefor I think I’ve experienced the real Fiji. And that real Fiji might even better than the perfect, man-made paradises, the resorts.


Isn’t it beautiful?!


The Fijian people are probably the kindest people I’ve ever met. They are so real and genuine. Even though they might not have all the luxury we have, they are still happy with everything they do have. That’s definitely something we can learn of. They take pride in their lives and happily share a bit of that with you.


Drinking cava with the Fijians


So if you ever go to Fiji, try the real Fijian experience and stay close to the amazing and kind Fijians.

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